Lazer Quest 16-4-2015

This group of young Lazer Questers took part in several team games at Ratho Lazer Quest. It was all about teamwork and communication here after listening to the mission briefing getting used to the MP5 weapon it was out into the large area covered in buildings, sand bags and barricades. The good thing that every one likes about here is the infra red beams picked up by the sensors not being hit by paintballs and you don’t have to worry about refilling your weapon.

Everyone had a great time the sun was shining and we all had pizza giving us time to sit recharge our batteries during the games! Here are some of the comments from the Questers.

I had a great time it was awesome! Male 8 Niddrie

I got to help Kev because I have a broken nose. I took some the pictures at the start. Male 8 Niddrie

Knocking people out in last man standing. Male 11 Niddrie